Discover Islam Society organized a global course to promote Islam, the first of its kind, titled: ‘Darkness to Light’. This is a course that describes the journey of a person from the time just before he hears the message of Islam to the point where he is integrated in to the Muslim community and all of the processes in between.

This course was held after a thorough study of Da’wah processes, the invited groups, and the circumstances surrounding each category, while studying their religious and cultural backgrounds in a way that contributes not only to the success of their Da’wah, but also to their involvement in promoting Islam to other people after being qualified for this blessed mission.


The course "Darkness to Light" was held over 9 continuous days and covered many theoretical lectures, field tours and practical exercises on the streets. The participants were trained in ways to promote Islam, the effective sequence to achieve the desired results, how to deal with the person from the moment he declares his Shahadah and to retain them, means to handle New-Muslims psychologically, socially and intellectually and the means of teaching them the fundamentals of Islam, as well as setting a specific timetable for the New-Muslim Care starting from the moment he converts to Islam. The participants were also trained in developing a successful Da’wah organization model that serves the community and the nation in their countries. Some Discover Islam facilitators delivered training materials throughout the course. Facilitators were (Sayed Ali, Mohammed Qadir, Farhaz Farooq, Parvez Syed Akbar).

It is worth mentioning that the number of participants in ‘Darkness to Light’ course was 35 from 10 different countries (Malaysia - Sri Lanka - Philippines - China - Russia Pakistan - Nigeria - Turkey Sweden – Sultanate of Oman). The Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Discover Islam participated in honoring the participating Da’ees (preachers) In the course. All the trainees expressed their happiness to participate in this distinguished work and the extent of their benefit from the training provided as well as their intention to implement it and the training of other Da’ees.