The Filipino community at the Discover Islam Society organized a festival for Filipino Food in the Andalus Park with a turnout of more than 1,400 individuals from various segments of the Filipino community residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and other expat nationalities. The Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain, Mr. Alfonso graced the event where he expressed his great gratitude to Discover Islam for its interest in organizing various programs for the Filipino community residing on the blessed land of Bahrain. He also thanked the parties participating in the event, including restaurants and other cooperating parties and vendors, and the event was attended by Shaikh Moosa Mustafa Abdullatif, the treasurer of the Discover Islam Society.

The planning for the event was a part of the executive project for four Internship trainees from Malaysia who enrolled in the program with Discover Islam to learn and imbibe certain aspects of how to run and manage Da’wah institutions and organize events. Under this program they spent more than 116 manhours preparing for this event under the full supervision of the Discover Islam management.


The event was attended by more than 100 volunteers from Discover Islam, who contributed to the preparation, organization and logistical support besides 6 famous restaurants specialized in Filipino food. There was also the Da’wah Tent to promote Islam through Da’ees of the Filipino Muslim Community from Discover Islam, which witnessed a distinct turnout and the result was the conversion of 35 individuals to Islam, praise be to Allah.


On the sidelines of the event, the free medical camp was organized in cooperation with the Aster Medical Complex, under the supervision of two physicians and 8 nurses, and 150 cases were examined amid a welcome from the Filipino community to these types of events and community programs organized by Discover Islam Society.