Discover Islam Society organized the Third Medical Camp for this year to coincide with the International Workers Day, where more than 1400 workers in Alba area and its surrounding areas benefited from the event. Discover Islam Society pays special attention to this category of workers since they are in dire need of care and support. Discover Islam Society is also keen to provide Da’wah materials and programs to introduce Islam on the alongside these welfare activities. On this occasion, Sayed Taher, the Director of Local Da’wah Outreach, stated that 8 physicians and 25 pharmacists took part in this event. Mr. Taher stressed the importance of these types of programs that target these categories of workers and servants whom their working conditions may hinder them from getting the care they desire, and the role Discover Islam plays in extending a helping hand to this category of expats.


Mr. Taher also praised the role of volunteers in this program numbering over 55, which facilitated the entire event allowing workers to get to their consultations and medicine smoothly and without overcrowding. Mr. Taher, the Director of Local Da’wah Outreach, sent a letter of appreciation to all the pharmaceutical companies, which provided BD10,000 worth of medicines that were distributed free of charge to cases requiring treatment by specialist doctors.