Discover Islam Society held the First Charity Gala Dinner marking 30 years of the foundation of Discover Islam Society. Several Da’wah projects as well as ‘Enlighten’ Campaign were presented to the attendees inviting them to support various projects and activities of Discover Islam.

The ceremony started with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an read by Shaikh  Ali Salah Omar, then the advisor to the Board of Trustees, Brother Mohammed Qadeer, spoke about the importance of participating in communicating the tolerant message of Islam to the world as well as the New-Muslim Care. Shaikh Ishaq Rashed Al-Kooheji, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, delivered a welcome speech in which he praised the role of Da’ees (preachers) and the great reward of those who contribute to communicating the religion of Allah Almighty to others. Then, the keynote speaker of the ceremony and the guest of Discover Islam, Dr. Tawfiq Chaudhry, delivered his statement and urged the attendees to hasten and contribute to those blessed projects; namely, the four awareness projects: AWARENESS THROUGH MOSQUE TOURS, known as ATMT, Empower a Da’ee, Mobil Da’wah and finally DISCOVER ISLAM DOCUMENTARY FILMS.