It is a training program that was initiated by Discover Islam 11 years ago and has brought many fruits of the call by opening many mosques eligible to receive tourists, especially in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Uganda, and more than a thousand preachers and volunteers have been trained during that period.


This year, 27 preachers from 11 countries around the world flocked to benefit from the experiences of Da’ees (preachers) and lecturers who discovered Islam, especially the program for introducing Islam through mosque tours, known as ATMT, which was held last month. It included many practical and theoretical courses, as well as the evaluation of preachers and a measure of their achievement. For the program, and in conclusion, certificates were awarded to those who passed the evaluation, and advocates from Malaysia - Kenya - Uganda - Saudi Arabia - Philippines - Singapore - Thailand - Sri Lanka - Taiwan - America - Bahrain participated in the program with the participation of more than 15 lecturers and supervisors.