With the participation of 130 students of different nationalities, the Research and Development Center in Discover Islam organized the 6th students summer camp of different age groups at the Discover Islam headquarters in Manama. The camp aims to establish Islamic principles and values ​​with the focus on the moral aspect of the Muslim at this age and how values ​​of the Islamic religion are learnt and applied in working life. The participants were divided into four groups, and more than 30 lecturers, including Da’ees, volunteers and specialists in various fields, delivered speeches.


Emphasis was placed on educating the participants on many important subjects, foremost among which are the morals and ethics that govern the actions of the Muslim, development of communication skills and how to assume social responsibility towards the country of residence, as well as how to care for the public health of students and maintain safety and other personal and behavioral skills. It also included teaching and Tajweed of the Holy Qur’an; in addition to teaching children aspects of the Prophet’s biography and Islamic stories. The camp also included practical themes such as manual skills and organizing many different competitions, fun games, picnics and tours in many different areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain.