Since the establishment of Discover Islam 32 years ago, a number of public figures interested in Da’wah work have successively been serving the service of call to Islam. Given the expiry of the term of the Board of Directors, the membership of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Discover Islam Society has been renewed for the 2019-2021 session, where the terms of all previous board members were renewed as follows:


Ishaq Rashed Al-Kooheji - Chairman of the Board of Trustees,

Essam Ishaq - Vice Chairman and Legal Adviser,

Moosa Mustafa Abdullatif – Treasurer,

Hassan Shujai - Secretary of the Board of Trustees,

Saleh Al-Fadalah – Member,

Nasser Lori – Member,

Adnan Bucheery – Member,

Dr. Abdulhai Al-Awadhi – Member,

Dr. Issa Al-Mutawa - Member.

Discover Islam Society is the first of its kind specialist association that promotes Islam and invites communities residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain to Islam. It was established as a center in 1987 CE (1408 Hijrah) and is a member of the International Organization for New Muslim Care, and it is also the first Islamic institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve certification for ISO quality on administrative management.

Discover Islam’s mission over years was, and still is, the Da’wah to Non-Muslims to Islam with wisdom and gentle exhortation, while trying to clarify the misconceptions of Non-Muslims towards Islam and Muslims with the aim of spreading the message of Islam and demonstrating how the world benefits from Islamic civilization throughout history.