A Knight of Da’wah Passes Away in Bahrain Shaikh Ahmed Khan, may his soul rest in peace

A graduate of Religious Studies from the Islamic University of Madinah 40 years ago, he chose to return to Bahrain to dedicate his life to teaching Muslims their faith and inviting Non-Muslims to Islam.

Discover Islam in New Zealand

In response to the tragic events in New Zealand, Discover Islam Society Bahrain and the Discover Islam Foundation North America provided full and active support to Voice of Islam Foundation (VOI) New Zealand in organizing open day activities at 19 mo

Discover Islam organizes a training course titled ‘Darkness to Light (D2L)’

Discover Islam Society organized a global course to promote Islam, the first of its kind, titled: ‘Darkness to Light’.

Bashir Al-Khair in the medical camp of Discover Islam

Discover Islam Society organized the Third Medical Camp for this year to coincide with the International Workers Day, where more than 1400 workers in Alba area and its surrounding areas benefited from the event.

The General Assembly renews confidence in the Board of Directors

Since the establishment of Discover Islam 32 years ago, a number of public figures interested in Da’wah work have successively been serving the service of call to Islam.

Discover Islam organizes ‘ATMT (AWARENESS THROUGH MOSQUE TOURS)’ Course

It is a training program that was initiated by Discover Islam 11 years ago and has brought many fruits of the call by opening many mosques eligible to receive tourists, especially in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Uganda, and more than a thousand pre

Festival of Filipino Foods, Al-Andalus Park

The Filipino community at the Discover Islam Society organized a festival for Filipino Food in the Andalus Park with a turnout of more than 1,400 individuals from various segments of the Filipino community residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and other

Discover Islam organizes the first charity gala dinner

Discover Islam Society held the First Charity Gala Dinner marking 30 years of the foundation of Discover Islam Society.

Students Summer Camp

With the participation of 130 students of different nationalities, the Research and Development Center in Discover Islam organized the 6th students summer camp of different age groups at the Discover Islam headquarters in Manama.

Brochures In German

Discover Islam has published three brochures to promote Islam in the German language as part of Discover Islam international Brochures.